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Easiest and Fastest Way To Unambiguously Diagnose Causative Pathogens of Lung Infections

Global burden 2019

489 Million Cases Annually

Major Burden on Health Care System

2.49 Million Deaths Annually

Most Deadly of All Communicable Diseases

97.2 Million DALYs Annually

Prime Cause of Disability-Adjusted Life Years

Unambiguous Diagnosis is Hampered by Conventional Sampling Methods

Better sample, Better treatment!​

Lower Respiratory Infections

Accurate Diagnosis is a Sampling Challenge

Limitation of Conventional Sampling

Conventional samples are inherently contaminated by commensal bacteria from upper respiratory tract.

Poor Sample, Poor Diagnosis

Contamination of upper respiratory tract leads to inaccurate diagnoses.

Accurate Diagnosis Enables Directed Therapy

Poor diagnosis potentially results in undesirable under- or over-treatment.

Xheal Sampling Technology Enables Directed Therapy

Better sample, Better treatment!​
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Sampling Site of Infection

Capturing pathogen-loaded aerosols originating from mucosal surfaces of the lower respiratory tract.

Enabling Molecular Diagnostics

Our sample carries no contamination making it ideally compatible with fast molecular diagnostics.

Allowing Directed Therapy

By enabling fast molecular diagnostics, our sample allows for diagnosis within the golden hour.

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Xheal Diagnostics B.V. is a start-up company and spin-off of the Radboudumc focussed sampling innovations for the lower respiratory tract. Our proprietary exhaled breath sampling technology enables a timely and better diagnosis of lung infections and hence improves patient care.

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